Our story goes back far before our time to the generations of mothers who passed their wisdom and skill in the art of infant massage and baby care to a very lucky Canadian mother and her family. Through birth and marriage, this mother and her four young children are the blessed recipients of age-old family recipes, primarily from the Ayurvedic tradition for the preparation of baby massage oils.

MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ got its name from the congratulatory
blessing -"Mashala!"- exclaimed in her Greek Macedonian tradition by grandparents and elders upon the birth of a child and to express satisfaction with a child's growth and achievements. In fact, this exact blessing is used widely throughout areas and across cultures where ancient civilizations once flourished. Its literal meaning is "according to God's will".

On the Greek side of her family, olive oil, holy basil and chamomile were staples in child and infant care and are hence found in MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ products.

On the other side of  the family, Great-Grandma Mahalachmi mixed her first batch of baby massage oil over half a century ago (under the watchful eye of her mother) and has since passed this on to her 14 children, 26 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. Great-Grandma Mahalachmi is pictured (left) in our logo image holding her 24th grandchild. Her baby massage oil bl
ends are tailored to the changing needs of baby and based in olive oil, holy basil (called tulsi) and nourishing coconut oil. These blends are found in MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ products.

Combining these two traditions with their love of children and passion for healthy living, sustainable agriculture, strong communities and fair trade, this Canadian mother is together with her family sharing these traditions with you.

We are honoured to deliver to you the ANCIENT TOUCH FOR MODERN MOMS™ - a full line of 100% natural baby oils, organic infant massage products, accessories and gifts made from the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

May your baby also be a Mashala Baby!

Yours faithfully,
Diane (the Canadian mother) & her family