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The art of infant massage has historically been passed on from generation to generation of mothers by demonstration. If this is not the case in your family, you can always learn from another mother, certified infant massage therapist, or through the many available resources - including books, tapes, DVDs, etc. - on this website, your local library and/or at bookstores.
All orders of MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ gift sets come with basic infant massage instructions.

The important thing is you start from the premise that as caregiver of your baby, you are the expert. Listen to your baby and apply what you learn to enrich bonding time and to calm baby. Remember, a calm baby is a happy baby!

If you would like MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ to help organize a baby massage class in your area, let us know by e-mailing us at

Why massage baby? Benefits.

Read "Tender Touch: A report on how infant massage helps babies find the connections that help them grow"The benefits of infant massage are well documented. Research shows that massage nurtures babies’ psychological, physiological, and developmental growth. It fosters healthy self-esteem and increases bonding between parents and their babies. It helps to calm baby and ease muscle pain or pain caused by teething. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to focus your undivided nurturing attention on your baby and show him/her how loved they are.

When is it safe to begin massaging baby?NEWBORN™ baby massage oil

It is safe to begin infant massage on a newborn (and preemie 31+ weeks), if you choose the right oil -- namely, odourless, 100% natural, free of fragrances, no mineral oil, no dyes and hypoallergenic.
Our NEWBORN baby massage oil is an ideal gentle blend of 100% natural coconut oil (a hypoallergenic seed oil) derivatives and nourishing certified organic olive oil. This same oil remains useful for baby after newborn stage as it is great for dry skin patches and to clean ears at any stage of life.
When should I move beyond NEWBORN baby oil and start using the DAILY, CALM&COMFORT & GENTLE VAPOR baby oils?

MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ massage oils are specially formulated for their intended use (see individual product descriptions and directions for use) and always safe and nourishing.
However, the NEWBORN oil is best used during baby's newborn stage (at least the first month) and the others are suited for baby when he/she is over a month old and according to baby's needs: baby everyday, colicky or restless baby, or baby with flu. They are all gentle, hypoallergenic and 100% natural blends that are free of mineral oil and made with no nut oil, artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives.MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ complete set of infant massage oils are specially formulated according to their intended use.

How many times a day/week should a massage be given to the baby?

There is no right or definitive answer to this question. Some cultural traditions dictate that a baby must be massaged once in the morning and once in the night. Some say this should be increased when baby is about to reach critical milestones, like crawling. Others say a baby only needs to be massaged occasionally, primarily when they seem restless.

Essentially, infant massage is a communication between baby and caregiver, who can best read when baby is receptive and benefiting from massage. Rely on your instincts and do what you can. The more often you are able to massage baby, the greater the benefit. Not just for baby, but also for you - the bonding moments are precious, relaxing, and rewarding.

Until what age should baby be massaged?

Goodness knows, massage is great for us at any age! However, because of the rapid growth of the child from newborn to 18 months, the importance of touch in early development, and the general need of a baby for close bonding , the first year and a half are generally considered essential for regular infant massage. If you are able to continue this for longer and your baby-to-be-toddler is responding well, you are only extending the benefits of infant massage. Many cultural traditions continue massaging their children well past infancy.

MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ baby massage oils are 100% natural skin care for the whole family.