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Look for this symbol on MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ products.Tulsi (Holy Basil) is revered by people in many of the world's cultures. The herb is a staple in infant massage oil preparation in India and found in the following MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ massage oil blends: DAILY™ , CALM&COMFORT™ , GENTLE VAPOR™ .
From ancient times to today, Christians have used tulsi (holy basil) to make water "holy".For Christians, it is the regenerative herb known to have been found around the empty tomb of Jesus. To this day, some Greek Orthodox churches use this "holy basil" to sanctify (make Chrismatory to hold oil used to anoint, baptise or sanctify in Orthodox traditions"holy") water for baptism.
Hindu's honour Tulsi as the herb of Krishna.Hindu's honour Tulsi as the herb of Krishna and erect temples in its honour.

In the ancient Ayurvedic medicinal tradition, Tulsi is known as the "Queen of Herbs" because of all the herbs, it is considered to have the widest and most effective range of healing, immune boostingIn Ayurvedic medicine, Tulsi is known as the "Queen of Herbs". and health-promoting properties. 
The Tulsi found in MASHALA BABY ORGANICS™ massage oils is imported from India and is of the highest quality in the world.

PDF: Recent Study on the Remarkable Health Promoting Qualities of Tulsi.